Everybody is a salesperson one or the other way. Every sale happens when there is trust between buyer and seller and whatever is being sold is solving the need of the buyer. 1Page empowers the seller with enough information to make that sale. Is it right for you? Read on.

Salesperson checking 1Page on the way to meeting

What is 1Page?

Everybody is selling something to someone

  • A parent selling discipline to a child
  • A teacher selling knowledge to student
  • An employer selling job to an employee
  • A recruiter selling an opportunity to a candidate
  • A potential employee selling his skills to an employer
  • A marketer selling a concept to potential partners
  • A salesperson selling a product to a potential buyer
  • An Entrepreneur pitching an idea to an investor
  • An investor pitching term sheet to an entrepreneur

So technically, everybody is a salesman at some point, and a person has also been sold at some point. So the baseline is the act of sale.

Basic rules of selling

There were many instances in our careers we were interacting with people, and most often, we pitch them a product or an idea without first connecting with them. Unfortunately, most of the time, this leads to a lost deal or a lost opportunity.

A good salesman needs to understand five basic things about the other person.

  • Who is this person I am trying to sell?
  • Why is this person the person, the one who has to buy?
  • What pain point might this person have that my product or solution can solve?
  • How can I connect with this person to invoke that desire to buy?
  • Why is now the right time for this person to buy?

Most often, when we assume that this person already has a pain point, we take a 50-50 chance of pitching without connecting or checking if they really have the pain point. As a result, we lose this person’s interest, often leaving a wrong impression, which could be detrimental somehow.

Our goal – to prepare you well for a meeting so that you can sell confidently!

We at 1Page, do not want you to take a chance! We were hoping you could show them you know them, build a good rapport and then sell so that getting yes will be higher.

  • Start getting to know them
  • Show that you have done your research
  • Discuss the pain and see if they identify with that pain
  • Confirm how they are solving them
  • Offer a solution
  • If you get a yes, congratulations!

Not every meeting ends in a sale. But in the latter approach, you have a higher chance of this person recommending a prospect during the meeting or later — for a simple reason – they liked you, they connected with you.

With 1Page, we want you to connect with your prospects confidently with the research you have done. 1Page is the app you always go to when you are getting ready for a meeting!

Who it is for? 

We primarily built it for B2B salespeople who meet a lot of strangers every day to sell their products. Being one of them, we always had opened multiple tabs before every meeting, email, CRM, storage, support, LinkedIn, company website, research on Google, news sites, etc., just to have enough talking points, conversation starters.

So we built 1Page two solve 3 things

  • ​Timely alerts before meeting
  • One page summary of everything you need to know
  • Reminder to take notes after a meeting and create followups

In this journey, we integrated with a lot of commonly used tools like email, CRM, storage, support, few internal applications to give relevant information fast.

We partnered with many data partners like Crunchbase, Owler, Standard & Poor, InsideView to give you rich company information and news for conversation starters.

During our past meetings with a lot of salespeople, we got many requests for a free version and many of them do not use CRMs or Support services but want to use the basic version to get started with. Our current enterprise version needed a full-fledged onboarding before the salesperson starts using it. 

We rewrote the entire application to enable self-onboarding with enough cues, making it easy even for salespeople who are behind SSO to start small and fast with the least privileged mode. Optionally they can upgrade based on needs.

So the current freemium version has some of the most requested features for free.

  • ​Connect as many calendars as possible
  • Get alerts before any scheduled meeting
  • Take notes, see past meeting notes with this person

For each person you are meeting, you can request research - social profiles, insights you can use as conversation starters. Every day you get 3 free credits to request research. You can get more by inviting your colleagues and friends, purchasing credits in near future.

For each contact, you are meeting you can request insights. if we find their social profiles, we will construct insights based on them and we will give  

To keep the app free for a long time, and help you connect with people better, there will be ads at the bottom of a few pages. Soon we will give an option to get rid of ads with in-app purchases or using credits.

Who should use it?

The freemium app is for anybody who is meeting new people almost daily or even weekly. We expect startup founders, VPs and directors of companies, angel investors, venture capitalists, salespeople, marketing people, project managers, real estate agents, lawyers, journalists, freelancers, consultants, and so on to use 1Page for getting insights about people they are meeting, connect with them and sell more! 

What are you waiting for? Head over to get1page.com and sign up!