The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred a shift toward online workspaces and home offices. As a result, evident by Microsoft’s recent study of 60,000 employees, long-term productivity is slated to decrease. 

Read on to learn more about ways to effectively utilize your time and maintain productivity despite changes in the work environment.

Create a Workspace

Having a quiet, distraction-free workspace not only enables you to concentrate but separates your professional and personal life to allow for a positive balance. Designate a spacious area as your home office and create a comfortable environment by furnishing it with cozy furniture and savvy technology. In addition to equipping your office with essential items, spice up your space with personalized items, such as your favorite plant or beautiful wall art!

Stay Organized

Maintaining consistent work hours is essential. Scheduling encourages you to complete tasks within allocated time periods and maximizes productivity. Utilize tools such as planners and to-do lists to stay on top of your work and keep from falling behind. Communicating with colleagues frequently is valuable as well, as it ensures you stay aligned with your team’s mission.

​​Set Goals

Discover your productivity periods (ex. 2-4 p.m. in the afternoon, 10-11 a.m. in the morning) and allocate your most difficult tasks to these times. Establish realistic goals and work smartly to reach them. Break larger, more complicated tasks into smaller ones to create a sense of necessary accomplishment and simplify difficult assignments. Follow the “two-minute rule” and refocus your energy when needed.  

Prepare for Important Meetings 

Meetings with superiors or high-profile clients are a large part of a career in business. Achieve successful, productive meetings by preparing well ahead of time; ensure clarity on your talking points, know who you are connecting with, and understand topics of interest. Communicate clearly during meetings and express your thoughts!

Engage in Self-care

Approach your work with a healthy mindset, as a positive attitude is scientifically proven to stimulate your brain, increase energy levels, improve problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and build healthy relationships, thus impacting work productivity drastically. Schedule breaks into your workday to maintain a fresh mind and engage in stress-reducing activities. In the morning, before starting your workday, be sure to put in professional wear and eat a hearty breakfast! 

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